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TREE Wood Block Stamp for Pottery/Printing/Handmade Soaps

TREE Wood Block Stamp for Pottery/Printing/Handmade Soaps

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This tree stamp is 4x2.75 inches (101x69mm) and 1.1 inches (28mm) thick.
The impression can be repeated to make continuous pattern or used alone as a motif.

Indian Hand carved wood textile blocks were traditionally used to print on textiles using natural dyes derived from plants, and other organic sources. But the possibilities for their use are endless. You can also use these wooden stamps for stamping or printing on paper, fabrics, wallpaper, doing temporary henna tattoos, scrapbooking, and impressing clay, tiles, ceramics, handmade soaps etc. They can be used practically anywhere; just use your imagination!

These are carved out from various seasoned woods, including teak wood but a majority is carved of sustainably harvested brown hard Indian sheesham wood (also known as Indian Rosewood - a member of the Teak family).

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